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Democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka is an island country in south Asia located in the Indian ocean to the southwest of the Bengal bay and to the south east of the Arabian sea. Its documented history spans 3000 years and pre-historic settlements dated back to 125 000 years. Ancient Greeks called Taprobana and Persians and Arabs referred as Serandib.

Being situated in the middle of Indian ocean, Sri lanka has been an activated player of in maritime cooperation. As a result, Sri lanka has become no – 1 trading point among silk road sailors. Claudius Ptolemy (Greco-Roman mathematician, geographer in 100 A.D.) Sri lanka map was drawn bigger than India due to popularity.

Tropical island Sri lanka covers 65 610 Km2 of land and 870Km2 of water and coastal area is 1 340km2 lone. 21 million populated Sri lanka is multi-cultural and multi religious island where the majority is Sinhalese Buddhist. 70 % of Sinhalese, 12 % of Tamils and Moors, descendants of Arab trader’s 10% and 8% of catholic people live happily.


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CHEF TOUR is one of daughter companies of West London Collage of higher Education. Today Travel Talk Lanka is one of the leading and most experienced tour operators in Sri Lanka with the official permission of Ministry of Tourism.

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