Chef Tours, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka.


Over the years, my enthusiasm directed me to research old recipes written on Ola-leaf, tail-port leaf, hand written traditional recipes of yesteryear, dairies that carried records of recipes, cooking hands on with village people [still practicing traditional ways of cooking], interviewing herbal doctors, doctors of traditional indigenous medicine and visiting culinary exhibitions. All this made me aware of the complexities of herb and spice tastes, aromas and texture; in addition, salts, citrus, extractions from tree barks, roots and leaves, the traditional use of bee-honey by aboriginal people. How standard concoctions are prepared, as opposed to creations. I have also understood that Ingredients used in different proportions produce an entirely different result at times; thus, uncommon ingredients/concoctions must be used sparingly at an introductory stage.

Known as chef Sunil de Silva presently owning and managing The White Haven Hotel, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka for the past 16 years has been a phenomenal task of dedication and love. With an overall experience of 34 years; I have listed below some of the reputed hotels


1. Intercontinental Hotel: Great Britain, Germany, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Alain.

2. Hilton: Colombo, Dusseldorf, London Gatwick.

3. The White Haven Hotel, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka, owned and managed by me. It is where cooking takes on a new meaning when ideas, produce, spice, culture and creativity come together in creating exotic creations.



Tourists/guests can tour and learn cookery hands on; whist, students can go through all the sequences in a professionally cooking environment, where factual marketing audits are conducted, menus are planned accordingly, produce and items ordered as per need, before products are received a thorough quality and specification(s) check is carried out, product traceability gives equal importance, storage and hygiene are adhere to, associated costs and mark-ups are evaluated against competiveness, understanding the scope of the market in terms of the social structure, spending power, etc.

Complementing your study program with travel and tour arrangements.

Sri Lanka
Trekking and Hiking. With multitude of roads winding through expanding mountains, lush green forests, paddy fields, parks and sleepy villages....
Sri Lanka
Beautiful Sri Lanka beach holidays complete with water sports and whale, dolphin watching, jet skiing are a possibility through beach packages.
Sri Lanka
Our culinary tours are an authentic and mouth-watering way to fast track your understanding of a city, country and culture by exploring through the cuisine.
Experience the island’s rich history and heritage with our Sri Lanka cultural tours that take you to ancient temples, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and exotic national parks.
Sri Lanka
From sacred sites linked to Gautama Buddha’s life to the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, our special Pilgrimage Tour packages offer insights into a rich history & heritage.
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Getting married. Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination that offers an unforgettable but affordable wedding and honeymoon packages
Everything to satisfaction

Chef Tours planned everything well and he made sure we had a nice relaxing tour. everything was agreed and if something different popped up they made sure to be reasonable about it.Apparently in Sri Lanka you cant just drive somewhere yourself as a tourist, you need a driver for everything or even better a tourguide. Highly recommend!

Amazing Tour!

It was a lovely experience in Srilanka. It was really cheap and was totally worth it. I would recommend anyone who will visit Srilanka. They are also really helpful so if you have any troubles with anything they will always help! I will definitely be back to Sri Lanka in the future and would not book with any other tour group. Thank you Chef Tours for making our holiday so enjoyable

A wonderful way to travel.

I read many reviews when planning my trips . Its very hard to make a choice about something so important as a personal driver/guide. So I am very happy that I took the recommendation to use Chef Tours . They were my driver for a 5 day tour taking in the major sights in central and southern Sri Lanka, he also chose well my accommodation.

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Trip to Ancient Cities

We had a great trip with Chef Tours. In 6 days we visited the great ancient cities Annuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. We also had time to spend a day on the beach in the neighbourhood of Trincomalee which we used to make a trip in a small boat on the ocean to see whales and delphins. We saw all of them. We recommend them.

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