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Anuradhapura (the lost history)

Anuradhapura is oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and one of the 8 world heritage sites named by the UNESCO (1982) on the bank of historic Malwathu river. Being center for Theravada Buddhism for many centuries, considered as sacred to Buddhist world.
Anuradhapura is the longest running and 1st kingdom of Sri Lanka. Have being home for the capital scene 5th century B.C., An

Polonnaruwa (Golden age)

The second most ancient kingdom and is the golden age of Sri Lankan history. King Vijayabahu 1(1055-1110 B.C.) who delayered Polonnaruwa as kingdom after defeating Cholla invaders in 1970 to reunite the country once more under a local leader. King Vijayabahu’s victory the real hero of Polonnaruwa of the books is actually King Parakramabahu 1.
Vatagageya is believed to have been b

Mihintale & Isurumuniya


It is believed to be the site of meeting Buddhist monk Mahinda and King Devanampiyatissa. (307 B.C. – 267 B.C.), which inaugurated the presence of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The stairway has 1840 steps made out of granite leading to the summit.
At the foot of the steps are ruins of Hospital. Mr. Heinz Muller (history Hospitalism 1975) describes this as t


king kasyapa (1475-1495 A.D) build this gigantic rock castle. According to ancient chronicles King Kasyapa killed his own father and this was his hideout. Before king Kasyapa this place was Buddhist monastery complex. After king kasyapa Sigiriya becomes abandoned again.
Sigiriya became world heritage site by UNESCO (1982) as the 8th wonder of the world. Pre-historical myth say’s this wa

Nuwara Eliya

Having overlook by the tallest mountain of Sri Lanka and with the attitude of 6128 feet’s, Nuwara Elliya becomes the coolest city in Sri Lanka (around 16 Calculous). Sir Samuel Baker explorer discover Nuwara elliya in 1846. He is well known for discovering The Lake Albert and exploring river Nile. The climate is so close to English weather and called as “little England “.
Horton Pla

Sri Lanka Beaches

Surrounded by the Indian ocean Sri lanka has plenty of beautiful beaches with tropical temperature gives comfort to beach lovers. 870km2 coastal area full fill with lot of happiness and joy. Range of watersports and beach parties keeps visitors live….and it a place to relax to have some peace of mine….
While have leisure in beach stay can enjoy range of water sports and beach related

Kandy and Tooth Relic Temple

Kandy is the last capital of king era in Sri Lanka located in central province. As a powerful reginal kingdom, Kandy played active role in Sri Lankan history and politics until Sri Lanka was handed over to British under Kandyan convention in 1815.

It is the home of temple of tooth relic, one of the most sacred places of worship in Buddhist world. It was declared as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE

Pinnawala & Elephants

Pinnawala elephant orphanage is an orphanage, nursey and captive breeding ground for wild Asian elephants in Sri Lanka. Pinnawala has the largest herd of captive elephants in year 2011. There were 96 elephants including 43 males and 68 females from 3 generations, living in pinnawala. The orphanage was established to feed, nurse and home young elephants found abandoned by their mothers. Young el