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Gems in Sri Lanka

having colorful long history of gem industry, Sri Lanka reflected its natural wealth. Marco polo (Italian merchant, explorer, writer and born in republic of Venice 1254 – 1324) wrote that island of best sapphires, topaz, amethysts and other gems in the world. Claudius Ptolemy (Greco – roman mathematician, astronomer, geographer and Traveler. 1st century A.D) recorded Sri Lankan gem industry and sapphires. sailors visited is land and states that they brought back “Jewels of Serendib” Serendib is the name given to the island by middle – eastern and Persian traders that crossed the Indian ocean to trend gems from Sri Lanka to the east during 4th and 5th century. recently Sri Lanka discovered recorded world’s biggest sapphire.


Tea & Tea Plantation

Tea industry is one of the main sources of foreign exchange to Sri Lanka. which share to present of G.D.P. and 215 338 directly and over one million people in directly. Sri Lanka is a Largest Exporter of tea in world which shares 23% of tea in world tea market, but Sri Lanka is not largest producer of tea in the world. Ceylon tea contribute over 1.5 million USD to the economy of Sri Lanka. tea is successful introduction by sir gems tailor (British in 1867)